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National Earth Day - ways to enjoy the day

National Earth Day

Happy #NationalEarthDay!! 🌎
Here are some ways to enjoy Earth Day and also some tips to do regularly:
- Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air
- Play I-spy while on a walk
- Take a walk around your neighborhood and clean up garbage
- Do a backyard scavenger hunt to find items from nature
- Start a garden
- Plant a tree or add a plant inside your home
- Make your own cleaning products
- Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and while scrubbing hands with soap
- Unplug appliances while not in use
- Wash your laundry in cold water
- Choose the air-dry cycle instead of heat dry on your dishwasher
- Use cloth towels over paper towels
- Collect rain water to use when watering your indoor plants

Check out the article to learn more ways to celebrate our Earth


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