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How to Navigate a Hot Housing Market: For Buyers and Sellers

How to Navigate a Hot Housing Market: For Buyers and Sellers

...Have you been watching the hot housing market lately? It’s insane! Not only have home prices gone up 11.2% since last year, but with a shortage of homes, buyers are doing crazy things just to make sure they get the house they want. Sixty-three percent of home buyers in 2020 made an offer without even seeing the house! And 39% of homes are selling for over the asking price—we’re talking way over in some cases. Plus, buyers are willing to skip the home inspection and even rent the home back to the owner just to sweeten the deal...


This great article by Ramsey Solution talks about what is a hot housing market, why is it so hot right now, how to navigate this specific market and if the market is going to slow down.  

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